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Scraps & Snippits

Scraps & snippets of code for use by those who find them useful; provided as-is with no warranty what-so-ever (inherent, expressed or implied) and little to no support. Considerable effort has been made to give credit where due when influenced, inspired or borrowing; however, given the volume of vacuum in my memory, reminders may at times be necessary and are always welcome. Use or mangle at own risk.

Unicode 5d6 Roller via PHP/JS

For myself and others with a disproportionate amount of nerdy, a (hopefully) lightweight digital replacement for those bereft of dice.  Using convenient (if not cross compatible) HTML references for UTF-8/Unicode Symbols and some simple PHP or JavaScript we can roll a randomized set of five six-sided die with each browser refresh. The HTML First we build […]

Copy to Clipboard using jQuery & zClip

How I used jQuery ZeroClipboard, a little CSS & JavaScript to apply copy to clipboard functionality to various elements in a page via their associated links.

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