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Intangible Products for an Ephemeral World

A Society for Enthusiasts

The Aeroplankton Enthusiasts Society is for those committed to the appreciation of all things unseen and intangible. We focus on bringing the oft’ neglected to the forefront and strive to admire life completely, including all its many facets; because, to an aeroplankton enthusiast “all other things” are most certainly NOT equal (despite the general consensus) and even the most microscopic of organisms and ideas require our consideration.

At least that is what the blog (now defunct) said when the nausea motivated me towards the cultivation of this new vision, or goal, to spread enthusiasm for the little things in life that make it worthwhile; an attempt to focus on appreciation, rather than degradation and humiliation; a counter-weight to the ever-growing, and increasingly popular, malcontent that is so prevalent in society.

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