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Mixtapes & Playlists

As we are now bereft of cassette, the following attempts have been made to perpetuate the art of proper Mixtape arrangement via digital playlist. A jumble of juxtaposed musical sundries organized into lists by common theme, event or emotive content. These song lists have been compiled chiefly for my own use and thoroughly infused with my personal taste and bias; however, I freely invite you to glean what you would, leave what you may, and voice your opinion as you see fit. No copyrighted materials are available on this site.

Dubtape de los Muertos

Here lies a digital dubtape (playlist) of dreadful and disturbing ditties for the long dead, recently deceased or undying hosts that haunt your Halloween festivities, hallows-eve shindigs and macabre masquerades.

The Pity Partygoer’s Playlist

Have fresh wounds you’d like to rub some salt & soda into? Wishing the heart plug in your aching cavity was just a little easier to reach? Looking for some insulin therapy after a gluttony of gaiety?… If so, let the wallowing commence via this venture into self-loathing and mindless contempt for all adjectives with excessive use of consonants (ie: bubbly, fluffy, funny…). Roll out a rug of rusty nails and flail about with me as we flagellate our way through the Pity Partygoer’s Playlist.

Compendium De Musica Nuptialis

Here lies an entirely objective list of wedding appropriate music. An attempt has been made to be as comprehensive as possible (despite personal taste) with categorizations that hopefully represent each of the varied emotions that inevitably come on such a special day. When multiple versions of a song exist the least like a soggy duvet is suggested.

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