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Unicode 5d6 Roller via PHP/JS

For myself and others with a disproportionate amount of nerdy, a (hopefully) lightweight digital replacement for those bereft of dice.  Using convenient (if not cross compatible) HTML references for UTF-8/Unicode Symbols and some simple PHP or JavaScript we can roll a randomized set of five six-sided die with each browser refresh.


First we build a HTML container for our die rolling script.  While the CSS style adds unnecessary weight, it does allow for greater readability:

via PHP

A quick for loop and some (uncouth) shorthand allow us to push out five randomized UTF-8 symbols ranging between one and six.  Should we desire more or less die in our roll, we simply adjust the loop accordingly:

via Javascript

Once again, a simple loop and random zero to five append in shorthand.  This time via the JavaScript fuctions document.write(), math.floor(), and math.random():

Once we’ve pasted our script of choice, into our container we can minify the lot and upload someplace for all our tabletop gaming or dice rolling needs.

Dubtape de los Muertos

Muertos CassetteHere lies a digital dubtape (playlist) of dreadful and disturbing ditties for the long dead, recently deceased or undying hosts that haunt your Halloween festivities, hallows-eve shindigs and macabre masquerades.

Note: This list is entirely objective and subject to personal taste, influence (suggestions welcome), addition, rearrangement and revision without notice; so visit often or subscribe for the latest.

Unsettling Uvular Undulations for the Undead

Less-than Spooky Songs for Sappy Spirits

Goofy Gurgles for Lil’ Ghouls & Ghosts

Phantasmic Film-Phonics

Truly Creepy Choruses

Symphonic Serenades to the Slaughtered (Instrumental)

Hoodlum Haunts for Gangsta Ghasts

WARNING! Many of the following songs are completely inappropriate for any kind of public gathering, let alone a party:

*explicit … **and extremely disturbing

Savor Some of these Scraps Online:

I Can’t Believe You Forgot… !!

Had to quit before the strain caused an aneurysm or something equally unpleasant ruptured; have no fear (unless this is your intent), this list is far from complete and will continue to grow as I stumble over more musical corpses to bury in this nightmarish necropolis.

Nexus Conspectus

Having recently talked myself into another unnecessary electronic device (those paperbacks just take up too much space), I am subsequently forced to wring every possible ounce of usefulness out of a shiny new Google Nexus 7 (2013) in order to justify my lack of financial responsibility.

First on the purchase list was an OTG (On-the-Go) USB adapter cable by IVSO, allowing for the insertion of every random USB device at hand and the compilation of this trial-by-error OTG compatibility conspectus.

As I encounter more USB flotsam to force upon my unwilling replicant their misbegotten offspring will be appended to this list. Feel free to make suggestions, corrections or contribute your own observations in the comments.

Nexus Specs-es

The particulars of the hardware/software used:

Model Google Nexus 7 (2013)
Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
Kernel 3.4.0-g9e52a21
Build JSS15R
OTG IVSO OTG Host 2nd Gen, Black

…and after an update:

Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat
Kernel 3.4.0-gac9222c
Build KOT49H

Them that worked and some that sorta

No Love, not even close

Appendices & Additional Notes

  1. Nexus Media Importer or comparable App required.
  2. Using an unsupported cable or case with iOS7 may result in unusual side-effects, witness this odd reaction here.
  3. The Canon Rebel XT is not compatible with EOS Remote by Canon or Helicon Remote by Helicon Soft Ltd.
  4. Tested after 4.4 android update
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