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The Pity Partygoer’s Playlist

Have fresh wounds you’d like to rub some salt & soda into? Wishing the heart plug in your aching cavity was just a little easier to reach? Looking for some insulin therapy after a gluttony of gaiety?… If so, let the wallowing commence via this venture into self-loathing and mindless contempt for all adjectives with excessive use of consonants (ie: bubbly, fluffy, funny…). Roll out a rug of rusty nails and flail about with me as we flagellate our way through the Pity Partygoer’s Playlist.

Note: This list is entirely objective and subject to personal taste, influence (suggestions welcome), addition, rearrangement and revision without notice; so visit often or subscribe for the latest.

Easing into the Salty Puddle

Mucking about the Swamps of Sadness

Minor-keyed Razorblades


Party Rules

Every party has rules and the pity party is no exception. While these rules are typically assumed and unspoken the following attempt to highlight a few of these rules has been made for clarity’s sake:

  1. The focus must be on suffering, misery, and despair (preferably yours) – No pity party is complete without total self-absorption to the point wanton complacency.
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  • thank you. this is just great.

  • Aeroplankton_Enthusiast

    You are most welcome. This list is still fairly fresh; but, should scab up well after some nervous picking.

  • Danger Mouse ft. Norah Jones – Black

  • Approved. I had initially excluded this track given what I perceived as a twisted form of enjoyment (“…no intent to repent…”) or deception (“…fooled them, hoping to seem like the slave to evil…”) which I felt ran contrary to the theme of utter wretchedness; however, I must concede that only those twisted enough to find contentment in their misery would have need of this playlist.

  • Initially passed on this due to what I perceived as a twisted enjoyment “no intent to repent” or deception “fooled them”; yet I suppose it does take a little dab of masochism to enjoy this playlist.

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