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More about ƒÜZzÿ…

The Aeroplankton Enthusiasts Society (and subsequently this blog) was founded by John M. Schwartzhoff (a.k.a Fuzzmaster) in the fall of 2010. The society was originally formed in response to a perceived decrease in societal enthusiasm for life and all the little, unseen, things that make it beautiful. This blog was created as a venue for enthusiasm and also as an exercise in blogging layout & template manipulation and was therefore crafted from as close to scratch as humanly possible using Notepad & Firefox.

Particularly Presumptuous

I know, I know, it’s particularly presumptuous of one to assume the title of master; after all, it takes an above-average degree of conceit to set oneself up as lord of anything (let alone all things fuzzy). An explanation is both required and forthcoming; so, let us first have a word or two on ƒÜZzÿ?

What? Me ƒÜZzÿ?

While the word “fuzzy” has several definitions, ranging from hairy to obscure, it is not over any of these I claim mastery. Nor do I promote the idea that I am obscure and hairy (perhaps a touch, here and there); rather, in this context “ƒÜZzÿ” is little more than an attempt at the English translation of my artistic signature:

I adopted this logo sometime during the years of trouble in order to maintain a satisfactory level of anonymity when publishing or displaying any of my artistic creations. The design is based heavily upon the runes from an obscure video game (any guesses?).

ƒÜZzÿ Origins

Strangely enough, “ƒÜZzÿ” was not an original interpretation of this logo; instead, it was an observer at an art show, wherein my artwork was on display, that first coined the term while viewing a particularly abstract piece. Overheard and thoroughly enjoyed, this translation simply… stuck, and I continued from that point on to refer to myself as ƒÜZzÿ. It was not until much later that I promoted myself to the title of ƒÜZzMaster; primarily to separate the artist from the art. Also, by this point, a friend had managed, by unintentional happenstance, to permanently embed my artistic signature into their flesh (tattoo).

No Offense, really

Given the definition and context, the offensiveness of my self-proclaimed title hopefully recedes. No, I do not claim mastery over all things fuzzy (This would truly be a feat) nor do I lord my title over all those in encounter (except, perhaps a certain unnamed friend with a bit of shoulder scarring); rather, I merely claim a fairly thorough understanding of that which I create, or have created.

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