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Redundant Much?

Common fungal spores (Aspergillus fumigatus)

Even those with the scantest spattering of Sherlock sense (and a keener than average memory) might have noticed the blatant similarities between this website and the blog (now defunct) from which it spawned…

Yes Originally, these similarities are were intentional and no, I do not enjoy fruitless exercises in redundancy.

It is difficult to cultivate much of anything from the thin; therefore, several seeds (and a few transplants) have been borrowed in order to germinate this freshly broken soil. While both gardens remain related, they should grow to become unique experiences with significant differences in focus and content. The blog will remain a source has since merged with this site, sharing it’s wealth of intermittent blather and pointless happenstance while this site will attempt to provide more relevant, purposeful, and fruitful vegetation. So, for now, excuse any redundant verbiage and duplicated content, reveling instead in the birth of something new.

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