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Compendium De Musica Nuptialis

Here lies an entirely objective list of wedding appropriate music. An attempt has been made to be as comprehensive as possible (despite personal taste) with categorizations that hopefully represent each of the varied emotions that inevitably come on such a special day. When multiple versions of a song exist the least like a soggy duvet is suggested.

Note: This list is subject to influence, addition, rearrangement and revision without notice; so visit often or subscribe for the latest.

Savoring the Sappiness

Ahh! Can’t Stop this Sap!

Endearing Songs of Enduring

For the Fun-Loving

Touch of Twang

Electronica with Euphoric Euphemisms

Be-Boppin’ & Rockin’ (the Yacht)

Cute, Odd & More

Classical, Musical, Opera & Instrumentals

*they die

What About… ??

So, why didn’t this song or that make the cut? Here is a much-too-short and inadequate explanation of the convoluted requirements used to determine these songs appropriateness:

  1. The focus must be on love, faithfulness or gratitude – It’s actually quite sad that many of the songs typically played at weddings are about substance abuse, alcohol, lust, infidelity, heartbreak, absolutely nothing, or an animal of some kind.
  2. It must be devoid of inappropriate language – Because Grandma (if not the Bride) might still be disturbed by cursing, blasphemy, racial slurs and other derogatory lyrics (regardless of context).
  3. No funeral dirges! – Often found trying to sneak in under the guise of “Slow Dance”, these ballads to the terminally ill or chronically depressed do not belong anywhere near a wedding day; unless your goal is to drown your guests in mascara. If it never leaves the minor key, is painfully slow, or solemn enough to drudge along beside a casket to, leave it be (and off this list).

Obviously, this list is by no means complete and will continue to grow as I stumble upon or remember new and old music of worth. As the list grows it may be necessary to narrow the focus with the addition of new criteria; until then the list stands.

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