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Go Ahead, Tickle the Sun

Sun FuzziesWhat happens when you tickle a sleeping Mr. Sun? Apparently (aside from vaporized fingers) you get some mid-air chortling & Sun Fuzzies. That’s right! The sun emits smaller, fuzzier, versions of itself for the sprinkling pleasure of its followers.

Given my fondness for forefinger flesh, I’ve yet to witness these blazing, fuzzy, forms of aeroplankton first hand; however, I was able to wrest the adorable plush version included in this post from an internet devotee which should offer fair representation.

Unfortunately, it would seem that knowledge of these floating, fun-loving, solar flares is somewhat limited (especially within the scientific community); with standard research yielding little results. However, I have it on good authority that video of this phenomenon does exist and simply has yet to make its way into public archives.

It’s amazing what new discoveries one can glean from parenthood.

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