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Reasons to be Leery

Floppy Melt

It’s like mashed potatoes only less healthy & with more bits! A portmanteau of malicious and software, “malware” is fast becoming bane to network administrator and internet dabbler alike. Malicious, or…

Full of, characterized by, or showing malice; malevolent; spiteful; vicious, wanton, or mischievous in motivation or purpose.

…is certainly the less palatable of the word-mash; yet, when admired from a distance (and with a certain level of moral ambiguity) malware is truly brilliant.

Stuck in the Muck

Anyone willing to place heel in front of toe down the rambling path that is the world wide web will inevitably collect a bit of muck in the process; however, it’s those who stray far from the path and tramp through the murky depths that find themselves stuck in the stagnant wastes. It is this simple telltale nature, this unintended disclosure of debauchery (or intent to participate in) that is truly marvel worthy. Malware freely offers us a certain degree of ethical/moral transparency; accountability, ironically and often unwillingly gifted to us by greed, lust, and avarice.

Alas, as an almost willing benefactor of information technology and given that even the most stalwart and innocent of pilgrims may occasionally fall from the narrow, I should disclose the following cautionary blather:

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) File Sharing, where is thy sting?

Examples of Caustic P2P software:

So wade carefully, and try not to muck about too much.

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