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Aero… What?

If it were possible to fully define all things aeroplankton, you’d be reading it instead of this; however, in an effort to better classify the phenomenon for the sake of constraining this site’s focus, the following shall be our official attempt:

Any organism, concept, or vague musing, unseen or unheard (without significant effort), or possessing no tangible form, or of a form beyond accepted societal limit or understanding.

These creatures, concepts, and/or phenomenon have been organized into the following categories to the benefit (hopefully) of those few who stumble across this site:


Including all things known or assumed to be living, the critters categorization should be applied to all organisms possessing independent thought, or failing that, the ability to take action or change without significant external assistance.


While ideas can certainly change and are often the catalyst for action, they typically cannot do so independently. We may not see, taste, or hear them (without translation); however, ideas remain an incredibly powerful, driving force. Spawning from our subconcious and subsisting on our emotional, spiritual, political, and creative juices; Ideas float in an atmosphere of murky vagueness beyond adequate description. They defy attempts at written or spoken translation leaving behind little more than wisps of insight to converse over and contemplate.


While words are often used in vain attempt to outline or document ideas, they certainly stand alone and secure upon their own weight and foundation. Thriving in the arduously assembled anecdote, lovingly lavished letter, painstakenly produced prose, sublimely structured sentence, or carefully crafted code; Words carry those subject to their whim far away from the ink and pixel landscape in which we authors abandon them.

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